Stödfartyg – L10 – MTA 2020

ROKS Wonsan

The Swedish and Finnish navies want to build new ships, In Sweden the plans was to build 1-2 large ships to support amphibious operations in an international context, called L10, but the government relocated the money to new helicopters instead. The new focus is to buy two support ships instead to replace HMS Trossö and HMS Carlskrona, and large enough to be able to act as logistic support ships in an international role. For Sweden it is quite large ships about 145x25x9m and 6-8000tons ( or 125m and 6000 tons), but I haven’t been able to find any official specifications.

Finland wants to replace the tree Hämeenmaa– and Pohjanmaa-class minelayers and the Rauma class FACs with a 6000t (?) Class of ships dubbed MTA 2020, large enough to be able to operate in the Indian Ocean in international service.

But now we have a new situation with Bad Vlad and the Novaeu Sovjet*. I don’t have any doubts that our Finnish brothers will adapt to the new(old) security environment. But I do have my doubts that Sweden will be able to change the course quickly because of the new government and the focus on everything but national defense the last 15 years.

To save money it would be nice to build a new class of ships together with Finland and concentrate on the following common capabilities (National and InterNational)

  • Support (N+IN)
  • Minelaying (N)
  • Training (N)
  • Patrol (N+IN)

And “nice to have”

  • Onboard Helicopter (N+IN)
  • Escort Capabilities and ASW (N)

But if we want to build all these capabilities in to one ship well have to compromise and if we the start to add our national specifications it will end with a bad compromise or nothing.

My suggestion is that we concentrate on the hull and propulsion system, if we can agree on a specification say:

  • 90-100m long
  • 25 knots
  • 18-2000tons
  • 2 Stanflex modules on foredeck

Then we can save money on a longer series of common hull with same propulsion and basic systems like the Danes building Absalon and Iver Huitfeldt classes, Or look at a flexible ship like Blohm+Voss MEKO OPVs or Damens Mission Flexible Combatant (MFC)

According to our national preferences we can then choose a configuration of 2 or 3 decks above the main deck, if we need a hangar (fixed or telescopic) mast arrangements, boats, containers and cranes, and open or closed flex deck

With the same lower hull configuration we might be able to agree on basic layout for upper deck designs like:

  • Minelayer/Support/Midshipmen’s training
  • Patrol/OPV
  • Escort/Frigate

And still build the ships according to our national needs at a lower cost.

SIGMA Multi Mission Bay

SIGMA Multi Mission Bay

Damen MFC Mission Flexible Combatant

Damens Mission Flexible Combatant (MFC)


Bantat stridsskepp mot nya helikoptrar

ROKS Wonsan-class minelayer

* Bad Vlad and the Novaeu Sovjet is NOT the successor to the Leningrad Cowboys

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